Ready, Set... RECORD!

An ultimate vault of resources, videos and guides to help you become more confident on camera and create better videos!

Those who market with video grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.
(source:, 2017)

Um, that's a big deal.

You know you NEED to be on video to help get the word out about your business BUT you’re feeling overwhelmed and overridden with fear at the thought of being on camera.

BUT what if YOU (stay with me, here)....


The Ready, set… RECORD Bundle

The Ready, Set Record Bundle is your ultimate vault of resources, videos and guides to help you become more confident on camera and create great videos!



Inside this bundle, you'll receive:

Plus you get these BONUS VIDEOS & AN EXTRA GUIDE:


My go-live script provides an extensive script you can use when livestreaming on Instagram, Facebook and/or YouTube!



I’m sharing my easy tips to look more natural and be more confident on camera


Learn common mistakes made when creating videos (which you won’t make because you have this bundle!)


Get MORE eyeballs on your videos and learn how to market better


“After implementing just one video suggestion with Breonna for livestreaming, I saw an increase of new clients and leads to my business.
I highly recommend Breonna if you need direction with your online marketing, and video strategy.”
– Owner of Classic Hair Therapy


Inside The Ready, Set, Record bundle, I reveal my step-by-step process to becoming more confident and organized on video. The same videos that garnered over 85,000+ subscribers, 6 million+ views, $10K+ months and features on OWN, HBO & Buzzfeed!
$65 $17.97
If you are looking to have a clear blueprint on how to use video, and completely transform your business then I highly recommend Breonna Queen!
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Kay Hillman

Meet the creator

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I am an award-winning blogger, YouTuber and consultant known for taking brands from boring to bankable.

Amassing over 85,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 5 million views, my videos have opened the door to features in HBO, Buzzfeed, OWN, HuffPost and even being selected as one of Tampa’s top influential women of 2019.

With over a decade of experience teaching video marketing strategies and developing video marketing campaigns that boost online visibility and revenue, I’m well-known for taking entrepreneurs from church-mouse- quiet creators to profitable creators.

It’s why I created this program! YouTube has changed my business and my life and I want to help you leverage the power of video to impact yours too!

"Breonna has truly opened up my eyes to the benefits of livestreaming and creating videos to grow my business!"
Happy Customer
DreShawna Black

Still unsure if this bundle is right for you?

Here's what included:


You'll receive videos sharing ways you can become better on camera, mistakes to avoid on video and even my tips to market your videos better so you can get more eyeballs on your content!

Guides & Checklist

Ready set, record bundle includes my step-by-step process for creating awesome video content, my ultimate checklist prior to hitting record, a list of everything I use to record videos PLUS MORE!


There are two types of video formats: Pre-recorded videos and livestreaming! I want to help you conquer BOTH which is why I'm also giving your my livestreaming checklist and script too!


Get this bundle for just $17.97 (a $64 value) in the next 20 minutes. This is the only time you’ll ever see this price so grab yours now!



Questions? I got answers!

INSTANTLY! Once you purchase the toolkit, you will receive an email with your login credentials and instant access!

Uhhhh…. how about FOREVA! As long Influencer with income is alive and kickin’, you’ll have lifetime access!

Entrepreneurs and content who want to become better at being on video.

Take as long or as little as you want! I’ve organized this bundle into guides, videos and scripts. Additionally, most videos are bite-sized so you can get everything you need without all the added fluff

How about… Nah! This ready, set… record bundle is aimed at getting you prepared to be on video.

I share simple tech equipment for recording on your phone as well all the bells and whistles (if that’s your style!)

1:1 access is reserved strictly to my private clients.

However, you do have access to my Facebook group to ask questions!

I have over 10 years of experience as a digital consultant including YouTube.

I say this because almost a decade worth of experience and knowledge… cannot simply be found on Google or YouTube.

Additionally, a lot of the info you’ll find on Google was written years ago with strategies that are now obsolete. This bundle has everything you need to get started on video!

I do not offer refunds for this bundle due to the nature of all course materials, videos and assets. However, my team and I will do everything to help you get the most out of this bundle, and we’re 100% invested in ensuring you do, however, my advice and resources only works if you do.

If you need technical assistance, please email

Ready to create amazing videos that grow your influence, audience and income? It's time to get Ready, set... Record!

Scripts you can use to pitch & negoitate with brands(1)
$65 $17.97

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